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Welcome to Guam

Hafa Adai!
Welcome to Guam!

A truly stunning destination and home to three U.S. military bases; Guam – Where America’s Day begins, is where you can find the most radiant blue skies, breathtaking sunsets and pristine white sandy beaches. Known for our warm and friendly hospitality, the people of Guam are proven to have a true hafa adai spirit and are welcoming like no other.

Whether you’re looking to experience a relaxing day on the beach with family, friends and colleagues or wanting to try our local comfort food – you will surely enjoy the many weekend barbecues and fiestas that Guam is surely known for. 

Guam may be a remote island but it certainly doesn’t lag when it comes to shopping. In many of the central villages, such as Tumon and Tamuning – you will find an abundance of shopping centers that will surely provide you with anything that you may need.

As you choose to visit or permanently reside, you will often learn about our diverse and intriguing history where you will find our culture is a reflection of our traditional Chamoru customs. 

While visiting historical sites throughout Guam, you will definitely be taken on a thrilling adventure throughout the island learning about our history. From our Liberation, In July of 1944 during World War II and being established as a U.S Territory to hearing about the many stories and local Chamoru legends.

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